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  George Boon: bass                   Hans Simons: drums & leader                        Frans Frijns : guitars                                   The Body Electric live on stage
La.Ins - The Body Electric / Comp: Frans Frijns
The Body Electric is founded by Dutch jazz drummer Hans Simons in september 2014, with the intention to create new interpretations of the post-1968 jazz-rock legacy. Started as a quartet ( keys,guitar,bass & drums) the set list focussed on Miles Davis, Weather Report and Billy Cobham. Today the band is a trio:  guitar, bass & drums, and musically moving to electric jazz, The set list consist of more guitar oriented jazz : John Scofield , Pat Metheny , Allan Holdsworth, self-arranged jazz standards and band compositions.
TBE Foto CH.jpg
Project X - The Body Electric / Comp: George Boon
Starky - The Body Electric/comp:Frans Frijns
V-Flow - The Body Electric live @ Jazz aan de Maas 2018
Caledonian Sleeper - The Body Electric / comp. Hans Simons
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