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N4 is:

Tim Boumen : guitar

William Sassen: tenor sax

Frans Vink: bass

Hans Simons: drums

N4 brings you their programm named " Miles Ahead, 4 decades of Miles Davis' music" , inspired by JoeHenderson's album "So near, so far" with tunes like Miles Ahead, Round Midnight, Seven Steps to Heaven, Freedom jazz dance, Amandla, Splatch, Black satin, Speak, Joshua to name a few

See the video's below

Currently N4 is working on a new programm: "N4 plays Different, the new standards", inspired by Herbie Hancock's album "The New Standard", to transform pop songs into new standards, with tunes like Norwegian Woods, New York Minute, Angie, Riders on the Storm, Moon Dance and Time to name a few.. keep in touch for the first impressions!

N4 jazzkirmes 23.jpg
                                                    Audio                                                                                       Video
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